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Network Service Providers




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Confidently Secure the Evolving Network Landscape

Network Service Providers continuously invest in new technologies to support new service paradigms
and emerging communication trends. These crucial new technologies increase
operational complexity and may introduce unforeseen attack vectors. Rigorous and systematic security evaluations of these
technologies are crucial for safeguarding your organization's reputation, assets, and customer data.

Your Trusted Partner in Network Security

Palindrome Technologies has keen expertise in evaluating and protecting carrier-grade networks built on legacy and emerging technologies, including 4G/5G, CBRS, MEC/Cloud, M2M, and V2X. We actively work with standards bodies and industry consortiums, such as GSMA, IEEE, CTIA, and the Linux Foundation, to ensure security is never an afterthought, and we have a proven track record of successfully protecting some of the world's largest networks. Our Bellcore roots give us the insight to deeply understand the unique security challenges network operators and service providers face.

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Our Expertise: Your Assurance

Securing our nation's critical infrastructure hinges on resilient communications, unwavering security, and reliability across every link, from hand-held devices to the network's core. Our team of experts employs a philosophy to evaluate, identify, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities across your attack surface. 

We are proficient at identifying vulnerabilities enabled through partnerships and third-party providers. This deep expertise helps improve your security posture by uncovering  weaknesses typically overlooked due to limited understanding of complex communication network intricacies and the use of COTS analysis tools.


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Data Breaches

  • In the first two months of 2023, data from over 74 million US telecommunications clients leaked, and most breaches can be attributed to third-party vendors.  Source

  • In 2022, most 5G network operators experienced up to six cyber incidents. Defenses are especially lacking for ransomware and phishing attacks. Source

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Bolster Network Security Assurance and Reliability

Legacy & Emerging Technologies Risks

Networks are continuously evolving, merging legacy capabilities with emerging technologies such as 5G/6G, MEC, and OpenRAN, introducing attack opportunities by powerful adversaries.

We specialize in carrier-grade network security and understand how to navigate these security challenges.


Network service providers depend on the reliability and security of OEM products to support service delivery and operations. Palindrome’s security assurance testing services help to identify security defects and develop mitigation strategies.

Our clients demonstrate commitment to product reliability and strengthen customer trust.

Supply Chain

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The complex global carrier supply chain includes third-party vendors, suppliers, service providers, partners and contractors. We help our clients establish security protocols, verifying that their supply chain adheres to sound security assurance principles and practices.


Services for Network Service Providers


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