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Manufacturing: A Bullseye for Cyberattacks 

The manufacturing sector is the most common target for bad actors, enduring almost 25% of all cyberattacks* (Statista Distribution of cyber attacks across worldwide industries in 2022). The complex ecosystem of interconnected supply chains introduces ample avenues of attack to gain unauthorized access and compromise valuable intellectual property and sensitive data. The threat landscape constantly evolves, with attackers employing diverse tactics including OSINT, AI-enhanced phishing, ransomware, and poorly configured systems to disrupt the entire supply chain.

Ransomware Attacks 

  • From the second half of 2022 to the first half of 2023, ransomware attacks increased by 24% increase in industrial goods and services, 195% in aerospace, 92% in chemicals, and 53% in automobiles and parts. Source 
  • Ransomware attacks against the manufacturing sector rose by 53% in the same period, primarily due to increased activity from ransomware groups like LockBit and ALPHV 
    Source: Source 
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Industrial Cyberattacks 

  • In 2H22, there was a significant increase in cyberattacks targeting the industrial sector. Malicious objects were detected and blocked on more than 40% of operational technology (OT) computers. This period marked the highest rate of attacks against industrial sectors, with 34.3% of computers affected. Additionally, attacks on the automotive manufacturing and energy sectors showed unprecedented growth, accounting for 36.9% and 34.5% of all industries, respectively. Source 
Industrial Cyberattacks

Secure your Manufacturing Line with Confidence

Infrastructure Security: IoT, IIoT, OT

Manufacturing 4.0 offers compelling opportunities for innovative business models and novel user experiences. The adoption and integration of IoT/IIoT/OT/mIoT technologies along with new communication paradigms (MEC/5G ) increase complexity and introduce new security challenges and threats, which can expose your reputation and impact customer confidence. We help our clients address security issues at their core with proven expertise.

Emerging Technologies

Manufacturing environments routinely adopt and integrate new technologies to optimize operations and enhance services and products. The integration complexities and security challenges can be a daunting task, rendering your organization and customers exposed to attack if left unattended.

Information Security Program

Information Security program gaps erode protection of your infrastructure assets and data, introducing exploitation opportunities. A successful program helps ensure that employees, customers, assets and data are adequately protected from attacks.  A properly implemented InfoSec program optimizes IT investment, supports business goals and helps manage company risks. We bring the keen expertise required for success. 


Cybersecurity Services for Manufacturing


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