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Helping Government Agencies Improve Cyber Resilience

Government agencies face constant, evolving cyber threats that risk exposing data, disrupting services, and jeopardizing national security. New hacking methods and a data explosion exacerbate the challenge while attracting and retaining skilled cybersecurity professionals remains difficult. This "arms race" demands robust defenses, skilled talent, and collaboration to protect our data and infrastructure. 

The Rise of Nation-State Attacks

  • In 2022, state-sponsored attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI) increased by 40%. Source
  • Cyber-attacks against government agencies and public sector services were up 40% in the second quarter of 2023 as compared to the first. Source
nation state attacks

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise in State and Local Government

  • From 2022 to 2023, the rate of ransomware attacks in state and local governments has increased from 58% to 69% year over year. Source

  • Exploited vulnerabilities (38%) and compromised credentials (30%) were the two most common root causes of the most significant ransomware attacks in the state and local government sectors.  Email-based attacks (malicious emails or phishing) were the starting points for a quarter of this sector's attacks (25%). Source

ransomware attacks

Ask not what Cybersecurity can do for YOU,

ask what WE can do for your Cybersecurity.

Emerging Tech

Government organizations must adopt new technologies to effectively serve their citizens. Integrating new technologies poses security risks that can leave your organization and customers vulnerable if not properly managed.

We help our customers meet the challenge.


Government organizations depend on networks and cloud platforms for service delivery and data management, but face threats of theft and disruption from hackers and nation-state actors.

We recognize your critical needs, and our insights and expertise can help you operate with confidence.

Supply Chain

The government and defense industrial base (DIB) supply chain is a complex, globally interconnected ecosystem which includes third-party vendors, suppliers, service providers, partners and contractors. We assist our customers establish security protocols and verify that acquired products and services maintain security assurance principles and practices to protect your organization and your customers.


Government Cybersecurity Services


CTIA IoT / GSMA NESAS / GSMA IoT/ 5G Security Testing 


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