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Cyber-Resilient Organization


Confidently Grow your Cyber-Operations


Our Symmetric DefenseTM approach guards against the evolving threat landscape by identifying and closing the gaps in your attack surface. 

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What Keeps CISOs
Up at Night?

Safeguard your operations and data against hidden threats in an increasingly intricate and ever-changing digital landscape.


Emerging Technologies Vulnerabilities

New technologies offer competitive advantages, but also introduce new security risks and opportunities for adversaries.

Learn how we help our clients address concerns with emerging tech. 


AI-Enhanced Attacks

AI helps improve efficiency and productivity -  for both you AND your attackers. Adversaries leverage AI techniques to improve attack formulation, velocity,  and impact.

Learn how we help customers formulate a defense strategy.


Ransomware Proliferation

Ransomware actors are improving their attack capabilities using adversarial AI techniques to bypass traditional security controls and emulate human behavior.

Learn how you can improve your cyber- resiliency against Ransomware. 


Socially Engineered Incursions

Socially-engineered attacks prey on the uninformed. Proactively minimize this risk by establishing appropriate policies, procedures, and security architectures.

Increase awareness!


Privacy & Data Breaches

Identify and mitigate gaps in your security strategy with proven methods, effective controls, and increased awareness.

Operate with confidence, and demonstrate your commitment to security.


Product Vulnerabilities

Vulnerable network devices -  Network Elements, IoT/IIoT, smart phones, and others - are a target-rich opportunity for bad actors. 

Our extensive expertise can ensure you maintain a strong security posture.


Manage Risk Across Your Entire Attack Surface

Your organization's attack surface is unique. 

Attackers probe every conceivable path into your operations: your physical premises, networks, cloud, people, and even through your third-party suppliers.

palindrome attack surface graphic supply chain-01Attacks can originate in many ways - not only through access to YOUR facilities, digital infrastructure, and people - but also through the organizations you work with. 

palindrome attack surface graphic supply chain-01

An effective defense across your unique attack surface requires a Cyber-Resilience partner with broad experience.


Breaches are increasing in number and cost.

Iot-focused attacks - Weekly Average
per organization
successful ransomware attack 
average total COST

Symmetric Defense:

Holistic, Expert-driven Security Across Your Attack Surface

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Assess Risk Exposure 

Gain an understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities across your attack surface, including your organization's infrastructure, web and mobile apps, enterprise applications, cloud infrastructure, devices, processes, and your supply chain.

Our comprehensive reports clearly identify areas in need of improvement. 


risk exposure assessment

Address the Weakness

Enhance your security strategy through effective remediation and augmentation of your defense capabilities, and continually transform and optimize your security posture.

Help your organization avert and minimize attacks in today's evolving threat landscape.

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Act to Minimize Incident Impact 

Contain and manage cyber incidents confidently. We help ensure your incident response capabilities leverage the right management procedures and containment protocols, maintaining personnel readiness through process review and benchmarking, table-top exercises, and adversarial emulations.

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Approve through Certification

Ensure security compliance and alignment with security frameworks and standards. As an ISO-accredited security testing lab and assessor, Palindrome guides customers through organizational and product certifications including GSMA, CTIA, IEEE, NIST, HITRUST and HIPAA.

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Advance with Research 

Gain the advantage through applied research activities which investigate the security and reliability of existing computing infrastructures and emerging technologies, from core infrastructure to consumer technologies.


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Who We Work With

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"Never in my career have I enjoyed working with an assessment/audit firm before partnering with Palindrome. You don't meet many folks in the industry with their knowledge depth. They have been a critical partner in helping us navigate this landscape."

Allan Abrams, CIO/CISO, Kipu Health





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