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"Assume the Enemy Knows the System"

-Claude Shannon

The world is teeming with new, innovative services and devices: services built on AI, MEC, AR/VR and more... and accessed via  "smart" devices, from consumer appliances and home automation to connected cars, robots, and networking equipment. While promising convenience and efficiency, these cutting-edge solutions are prime targets for bad actors, eager to exploit vulnerabilities and steal sensitive data.

This is Palindrome's specialty. We offer a comprehensive security shield for emerging products and services, safeguarding them throughout their entire lifecycle.

The Threat Landscape Grows 

  • In 2023, 26,447 vulnerabilities were disclosed, surpassing the previous year’s count by over 1,500 CVEs. Source

  • The mean time to exploit vulnerabilities in 2023 is 44 days (about one-and-a-half months). Source

  • Twenty-five Percent of High-Risk CVEs Exploited on the Day of Publication. Source

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Unpatched Vulnerabilities Linger

  • More than one in four companies are still vulnerable to WannaCry. Source
  • 75% of attacks in 2020 used vulnerabilities that were at least two years old. Source


Protect your Reputation, Intellectual Property, and Customers

Product Security Design

Building robust and secure solutions starts with integrating key fundamental security principles in your design phase, tailored to mitigate unique threats to your use-case environment.

We can help you secure your products from the design phase forward.

Security Attestation

3rd party attestation demonstrates your company’s cybersecurity commitment and instills customer confidence. We ease the anxiety associated with meeting security standards and requirements.

We can help you demonstrate your due diligence to your customers!

Security Certification

We understand product security certification can be intimidating, confusing and resource intensive. If you are on a path for product certification, we can alleviate the “known-unknowns” to minimize time and cost.


Cybersecurity Services for OEMs


CTIA IoT / GSMA NESAS / GSMA IoT/ 5G Security Testing 


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