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Assess Risk exposure/address weakness

Product Security Assurance

Proactively secure devices, applications, and services

This service group leverages Palindrome's expertise to assess your product's attack surface, identify potential vulnerabilities, and offer mitigation strategies and techniques to minimize exposure.

The evaluation framework includes a combination of industry best practices and specific requirements established for product use cases or use environments.

Here's what we offer:

Comprehensive Assessment 
  • We begin with a collaborative threat assessment to understand your product's specific needs and potential risks.
Customized Approach
  • Our assessments are tailored to your unique product, addressing its hardware, firmware, software, operating system, and communication protocols.
Industry-Leading Practices
  • We employ a blend of industry best practices and specific requirements tailored to your product's use case and environment.
Actionable Insights
  • Following the assessment, we provide actionable recommendations and mitigation strategies to address identified vulnerabilities.
Enhanced Security Posture
  • Confidently defend against known threats: Our assessment ensures proper enforcement of security controls and identifies vulnerabilities, including potential zero-day attacks, to bolster your product's defense.
  • Minimize misconfiguration risks: We uncover susceptibility to misconfiguration and misuse, preventing potential breaches.
Streamlined Security Management
  • Establish a clear security baseline: Gain a comprehensive report that establishes your product's security posture and builds trust with customers and users. This report also provides a solid foundation for future security testing.
Competitive Advantage
  • Stand out in the marketplace: A documented security pedigree differentiates your product from competitors, enhancing market perception and competitiveness.
Cost-Effective Security
  • Minimize lifecycle costs: Proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities prevent costly breaches and safeguards your brand reputation.
Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Build trust and loyalty: By prioritizing security and preventing attacks, you inspire greater customer confidence and loyalty, leading to future business opportunities.


  • Product-and environment-specific Threat Modeling Analysis
  • Customized, focused test plan tuned to the threat model results, including Web App, API, firmware, hardware, and platform analysis
  • Deterministic and non-deterministic testing to uncover a broad set of potential risks
  • Highly collaborative engagement with a cross-technologies experienced team
  • Palindrome’s Applied Research foundation provides the knowledge depth for enhanced vulnerability awareness


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