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Protect the Safety and Well-being of your Patients

The heart of healthcare is data: personal, medical, research, and financial information entrusted to care providers. Protecting such sensitive data isn't just about compliance; it's about empowering healthcare institutions to fulfill their primary mission - delivering the best possible care to patients. 

The Cost of a Data Breach

  • The average cost of a data breach across industries was $4.45 million, yet the average cost of a healthcare data breach was the highest among all industries at $10.93 million. Source

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Personal Data is a Valuable Target

  • In 2023, more than 540 healthcare organizations and 112 million individuals were affected by data breaches. Source


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Remediate Cybersecurity Gaps

Compliance and Certification

In facing growing demands to meet regulatory and industry standards, demonstrating cyber defense maturity is challenging, but crucial. Our clients leverage our expertise and experience to overcome the challenges in implementing and maintaining robust Cybersecurity Risk Management Programs.

IoT/Medical Device Security

As the use of wearable biosensor devices for tele-health and remote patient monitoring grows, so do the cybersecurity risks that could compromise patient safety and data. Equipping these devices with robust safety and security measures is crucial. We help clients develop secure healthcare products and ecosystems.

Network and Cloud Infrastructure Security

The reliance on networks and cloud platforms for patient care leaves you vulnerable to hackers and nation-state actors targeting patient data and operations. We recognize the critical need to safeguard your systems and data, and are prepared to offer our insights and expertise to ensure you operate confidently and securely. 


Healthcare Cybersecurity Services


CTIA IoT / GSMA NESAS / GSMA IoT/ 5G Security Testing 


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