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Assess Risk exposure

Offensive Security Services

Identify Vulnerabilities before Malicious Actors Attack 
Offensive Security Splash Medium

A strong cybersecurity posture demands an aggressive “attack” strategy that actively seeks vulnerabilities across your organization’s attack surface. This is a core tenet of Palindrome’s Symmetric Defense philosophy. We break in so that others can't.

Our Offensive Security services are built on three key elements:

Performance through experience
  • Palindrome’s team inherits decades of experience testing critical infrastructures for Fortune 100 organizations, Governments, and many others. 
Expertise depth
  • We posess a keen understanding of attack methods, tools and techniques across a broad array of industries and technologies, including mobile applications, Cloud, 5G, V2X, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), robotics/ARVs, and UAVs
  • Service-specific platform knowledge, including healthcare, financial, gaming, and spectrum-mobility platforms.
Security Research
  • We focus on identifying new attack methods and vulnerabilities, evaluating delivery tactics, and assessing the efficacy of emerging adversarial techniques.
  • Leveraging a 3rd party team of experts to actively test your cyber-defenses is a proven way of gaining confidence in your defense posture. 
  • Maintaining an effective offensive security strategy helps minimize risk exposure and the costs associated with breaches. It instills confidence in your customers, investors, management, insurers and suppliers and is your best insurance policy against the costs associated with compromised operations, data theft, and reputation damage.
Enhanced Competitiveness
  • A proven, long-term track record of commitment to effective operational and data security can enhance your position against competitors, and help you win business.
  • A variety of disparate, real-world attack strategies and capabilities
  • Testing strategies designed to break your defenses
  • Our collaborative approach uncovers insights into your attack surface, allowing us to uncover weaknesses you may not have recognized.
  • Cross-industry/cross-technology expertise based on decades of experience.
  • Knowledge built from active participation in a variety of industry standards bodies, including IEEE, IETF, NIST, GSMA, and CTIA.