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Assess Risk exposure/Address Weakness

Emerging Technologies Security Assurance

Identify and mitigate novel vulnerabilities in new systems, devices, and services.
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Secure Your Products Before They Enter the Market

New and emerging technologies provide new opportunities to threat actors, broadening the attack surface and introducing new vulnerabilities which require innovative defenses. 

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This Service Group offers:

Design and Requirements Development
  • Our experts review your design in detail for potential vulnerabilities and provide guidance for integrating robust security into your design and processes.

Security Assurance Testing
  • By combining knowledge gained from our extensive experience and applied research, we develop detailed threat models. These models drive the test plans used to thoroughly evaluate your solution's security profile and levels of risk. 
  • Launch with peace of mind. Our holistic analysis and testing, based on robust frameworks, cover vulnerabilities and attack vectors across hardware, firmware, software, and protocols.

Reduced Lifecycle Design Costs
  • Proactive security design is cost-effective. Anticipating and mitigating vulnerabilities up-front saves you from costly redesign efforts later.

Minimized Service & Deployment Costs
  • Leverage our experienced team instead of incurring internal hiring costs. Preventative security saves money compared to the losses (financial and reputational) resulting from successful attacks.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Secure products and services build trust and loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.
Collaborative Engagement
  • Our diverse team, with broad expertise across information technologies, works closely with you for optimal results.
Deep Expertise
  • Our commitment to applied research keeps us at the forefront of vulnerability awareness. We stay updated on new products and engage with leading industry standards bodies, including IEEE, GSMA, CTIA, and CSA.
Proven Experience
  • We have extensive experience securing deployments of evolving technologies, including IMS, 4G/LTE, 5G, VoIP, VoLTE, V2X, heterogeneous networks, and Passwordless Identity Management.
Proactive & Secure
  • Our "bottom-up" analysis proactively identifies potential vulnerabilities and recommends secure-by-design solutions to mitigate them.
Comprehensive Reporting
  • We provide detailed reports outlining actions taken for reproducibility, detailed results, recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities, and suggestions for improving your security posture.